Diving Courses

Masterdiver & Specialties

Speciality courses are designed to improve divers’ skills, expand their knowledge, and enable them to specialize in certain subjects within the diving world.

These fascinating short courses, lasting 1-2 days, consist of underwater activities specific to the particular speciality.

Once you have completed 3 speciality courses in addition to the Rescue Diver+ Emergency First Response courses and deep diver course, and 72 looged dives, you will have the opportunity to apply for the prestigious Master Scuba Diver certification.

Before reserving courses, we recommend you to read the Requirements for certified diving in Israel


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Diving Specialties

diver on DPV speciality underwater in eilat

Dive Propulsion Vehicle

Learning diving techniques with a DPV while increasing the distance you cover during your dive. Practicing buoyancy control, DPV handling, maintenance, and general safety.

1 day
Theory and 3 open water dives
Aged 18 or older, ADV certification

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Corals and fish on Underwater Naturalist Speciality in Eilat

Underwater Naturalist

Learning about and identifying the various species that live in the Red Sea and techniques for responsible diving without interfering with or harming the marine life and the coral reef.

1 day
Theory and 2 open water dives
Aged 12 or older, OW certification

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Underwater photo of coral during Night Diver Speciality in Eilat

Night Diver

Developing the skills and knowledge required to correctly plan and perform night dives, including communication, navigation, and interacting with the nocturnal species of the coral reef.

1 day
Theory and 2 open water dives
Aged 12 or older, OW certification

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drone photo of the coral nature reserve in eilat

Underwater Navigator

Study and practice of underwater navigation methods, orientation principles in unfamiliar sites, methods of gauging distance underwater, natural navigation, and the use of additional equipment.

1 day
Theory and 2 open water dives
Aged 12 or older, OW certification

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Abundant fish on a coral at the red sea

Underwater Photographer

In this speciality, we will learn the basic principles of photography and how to implement them underwater. Subjects: uderstanding the elements required for correct exposure, the basis for successful photographs, getting to know the limitations and unique factors of underwater photography and how to deal with them correctly and more.

1 day
Theory and 2 open water dives
Aged 12 or older, 20 loogd dives, OW certification

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Two divers holding fins on the way to Deep Diver Speciality

Deep Diver

The Deep Diver Speciality course gives the diver an in-depth understanding and knowledge of planning procedures, organizational techniques, problem-solving methods, and risks, while also enabling him to enjoy diving to depths of 18-40m.

Certification in this speciality is an entry requirement for technical courses such as Discover Tec Diving and Tec Deep Diver.

Two days
Theory and 4 open water dives
Aged 16 or older, 52 loogd dives, EAN certification

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three divers on the way to Peak Perfect Bouyancy specialty in Eilat

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Refreshing knowledge of buoyancy methods and practice in different environmental conditions to improve confidence in the water. Buoyancy control combined with correct swimming and breathing methods for improved results, and diving in changing conditions. After this speciality you will never have bouyancy problems again!

1 day
Theory and 2 open water dives
Aged 12 or older, OW certification

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up-top photo of the Satil wreck in eilat

Wreck Diver

During this speciality you will be learning how to plan dives that penetrate into wrecks, including the use of special equipment for penatration and how to dive with extra air for “just in case”.

If your dream is to discover what happens inside a wreck this specialty is for you.

Two days
Theory and 4 open water dives
Aged 16 or older, Deep certification

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Two divers performing Rescue drill during Rescue Diverspeciality

Rescue Diver Course+ EFR

The Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response (EFR) courses are an important step in order to continue to the advanced diving levels, such as Divemaster and Tec Diver. The activities cover topics such as stressful situations and self-rescue, managing emergency situations and emergencies involving equipment, dealing with panicked or fatigued divers, and the correct response depending on the environment, shore, or boat.

2-2.5 days
Theory and 5 open water dives
Aged 16 or older, 20 loogd dives, ADV certification

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Two divers checking equipment during Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality in Eilat

Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN)

In this specialty you will learn the advantages of diving with enriched air, necessary equipment, dive planning, gas calcualtions and more.

The advantages of using EAN are many. Longer bottom time, shorter surface intervals, safer and cleaner gas to breath, less fatigue at the end of diving day, and is the best way to prevent suffereing from Decompression Sickness.

Two hours
Aged 8 or older, Open Water certification

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Further Information

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Suitable For

Depends on the course

Certified divers who meet the requirements for certified diving in Israel



A health decleration is required

Aged 45 and older will need additional medical forms

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More Info

The EFR and EAN courses are a prerequisit to Rescue and Deep courses, and are not counted as elegible for the Master Diver level

In case you own an EFR certificate from the last two years, you can check with us if it qualifies to the SDI standards

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Free shuttle services for participants, in Eilat to and from the dive center

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You can fly before diving, flying is strictly prohibited for 18 hours following a day of diving



Special prices for accommodation at Isrotel Yam Suf hotel for our divers

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Payment Terms

Upon reservation please provide a credit card number for deposit, payment upon arrival by cash or credit card

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What to bring

Diver cards, dive insurance, dive log- you can read more here, and also swimsuit, towel, flip flops and payment method

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diver on DPV speciality underwater in eilat

Masterdiver and Specialties

Designed to improve divers’ skills, expand knowledge, and to specialize in certain subjects within the diving world

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