Masa Project

What is Masa Project?

Masa Project is a joined project of the Israeli government and the Israeli Agency, to encourage young Jewish people who live abroad, to stay and live in Israel for a period of one Semester up to one year.

What is the program make-up?

During the program, the Israeli Agency orientates the young people for various programs and offers scholarships for participants who will also go to Ulpan, volunteer in different places, go on trips in Israel, and more.

Masa Diving Project

Starting at the year 2013, Manta Diving Center hosts the Masa Diving Project and teaches them from the most basic level up to Instructor level, with which they will be able to work worldwide, and of course in Israel as well.

During the program the participants go through many courses and specialties, and perform various roles in the diving center, and some of them stay after the program and are becoming employees of the diving center.

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