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Guided Dives

Before reserving your dives, we recommend you to read the Requirements for certified divers in Israel

A guided dive is a fun experience for certified divers, led by a professional diving instructor.

Our instructors, who know Eilat’s dive sites like the back of their hands and are experienced at identifying the variety of marine life in the area, will guide you through a safe and enjoyable dive.

The price for the dives could include full gear, or only tank and weights if you have your own dive gear. The difference is minor, so it isn’t necessary to carry your gear all the way here.

The diving sites in Eilat differ from other places in the world especially because that all of them (except one) are shore dives and all of them are colorful and beautiful.

Nature ReserveKatza”aParadiseYatush WreckParadiseYatush Wreck
*summer 8:30
*summer 8:30
Neptune TablesSatil WreckNature ReserveSatil WreckNeptune TablesSatil WreckNature Reserve
UniversityMoses RockVeronicaUniversityMoses RockUniversity3 Sisters
3 SistersThe Caves3 SistersThe CavesVeronicaThe CavesVeronica
Night Dive


*In the Summer, the beginning of June until end of Sukkot holiday, the first dive on Friday and Saturday will start at 8:30


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Guided dives you can do

four divers  looking at dive site maps

Group Guided Dives

Group guided dive led by a professional instructor to a variety of Eilat’s dive sites, four dives a day according to a fixed schedule, see above

Every day of the week, according to the schedule

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two divers walking on a bridge on the way to dive in eilat

Private Guided Dive

These dives are a wonderful option for divers who prefer a more personal experience and wish to choose the most convenient time and place for their dive

Every day at opening hours

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half and half sunset picture in eilat

Guided Night Dive

After sunset comes a special time in which the marine predators come out from hiding to search for prey. This dive takes place at the coral reef

According to the schedule or private every day at opening hours

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divers on a boat on the way to the japanese gardens dive site in eilat

Japanese Gardens

This site is located adjacent to the underwater observatory, protected, can be reached by boat only and limited by the number of divers and their level.

With a minimum and maximum number of people

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Further Information

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Suitable for

Certified divers who meet the requirements for certified diving in Israel

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Duration of Activity

Approximately 1.5 hour, arrival time is half an hour before the activity begins

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Activity structure

All dives subject to availability, we recommend coordinating in advance

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Free shuttle services for participants, in Eilat to and from the dive center

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You can fly before diving, flying is strictly prohibited for 18 hours following a day of diving



Special prices for accommodation at Isrotel Yam Suf hotel for our divers

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Payment Terms

Upon reservation please provide a credit card number for deposit, payment upon arrival by cash or credit card

More info

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What to bring

Diver cards, dive insurance, dive log- you can read more here, and also swimsuit, towel, flip flops and payment method

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Other things we thought would be of interest to you

multiple diving certification from different organizations

Requirements for Diving in Israel

A brief summary of the diving laws and regulations applied here in Israel for certified divers

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two girl divers on a refresher dive briefing

Refresher Dive

Under Israeli Diving Laws If you haven't dived for the past six months or you have no way to prove it, you must do a refresh dive

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diver on DPV speciality underwater in eilat

Masterdiver and Specialties

Designed to improve divers’ skills, expand knowledge, and to specialize in certain subjects within the diving world

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