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Manta Diving Center is an instructor develoment center for SDI- Scuba Diving International.

As a dive center who specializes iun instructor development and certification, with an instructor certifier of the highest level available in SDI, we demand the highest level from our participants.

We would be glad to have you for a fascinating and challenging course, conducted by instructors with vast experience, which upon completion you will have an international life-time profession.

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five divers on divemaster course taking a picture underwater


The course deals with gaining and developing practical knowledge to an instructor level and acquiring the abilities required to guide divers.

This certification offers divers the opportunity to work in the diving industry anywhere in the world, and is a necessary step before the Instructor Course.

7 days
Hotel accommodation options
Aged 18 or older, 72 dives*, Rescue and valid EFR certifications

students on assistant instructor course underwater in eilat

Assistant Instructor

Professional divers who have achieved the Divemaster rank are invited to register for a 5-day course to become certified as Assistant Instructor, recognized worldwide. Divers at this level are certified to carry out Guided dives in Israel as well as Refresher dive and Introductory Dives (subject to receiving instructor authorization from the proper authorities).

5-7 days
Hotel accommodation options
Aged 18 or older, Divemaster certification, 92 dives, valid EFR

diving instructor standing on the beach in eilat

Course Instructor

The Instructor course wil prepare you for your career as an international diving instrucor, wherever you will choose to work.

10 days*
Hotel accommodation options
Aged 18 or older, Assistant instroctor certification, 112 dives, valid EFR

Further Information

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Suitable For

Depends on the type of course

Aged 18 or older

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A health decleration is required

Aged 45 and older will need additional medical forms

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Depends on the course, about 8:30am to 5:00pm every day, with a break

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Free shuttle services for participants, in Eilat to and from the dive center

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You can fly before diving, flying is strictly prohibited for 18 hours following a day of diving



Special prices for accommodation at Isrotel Yam Suf hotel for our divers

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Payment Terms

Upon reservation please provide a credit card number for deposit, payment upon arrival by cash or credit card

More info

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What to bring

Diver cards, dive insurance, dive log- you can read more here, and also swimsuit, towel, flip flops and payment method

Why Manta?

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multiple diving certification from different organizations

Requirements for Diving in Israel

A brief summary of the diving laws and regulations applied here in Israel for certified divers

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diver on DPV speciality underwater in eilat

Masterdiver and Specialties

Designed to improve divers’ skills, expand knowledge, and to specialize in certain subjects within the diving world

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divers on the ocean surface getting ready to dive

Guided Dives

Every day, diving is led by an instructor to the beautiful dive sites of Eilat

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